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Application Process

You cannot print out an application to mail in. In order to apply to a Paragon art events you must use the ZAPP system, you need to set up a profile on ZAPP. It’s the only way we take applications.

Using ZAPP is a six step process

1) Create a profile on
2) Upload your images into your My Portfolio, at least four of your artwork and one of your display. Click Add Sample to upload an image. Required fields need to be filled in for the image to upload.
3) Choose a show to apply to by clicking on Apply to Shows and click on the name of the show you’re interested in. Then click on Apply to This Show on the right side of the show information page.
4) Complete an application by filling out required information and attaching the required number of images which should be in your profile before you start
5) Pay your jury fee to complete the application, you will then receive an e-mail confirmation of your application.
6 ) Applications are juried. When results are sent out, if you are accepted you will be required to pay your booth fee.

Preparing the Images

Image quality is critically important because it’s what you are juried on. ZAPP requires images that are larger than web size, so in most cases you can’t just pull images from your web site and upload them to ZAPP. Images need to be a minimum of 1400 pixels long dimension. Unfortunately ZAPP will allow smaller images to be uploaded but they will be too small to attach to an application. And if you’re planning on applying to any of the better shows that project the images, your images need to be 1920 pixels square with black borders masking rectangular images, or at the very least, 1920 pixels long dimension. Otherwise your images will project small with wide black borders.

For additional help

Larry Berman
Phone: 412-401-8100
Note: Besides working on images for over 3000 artists Larry consults with, and is exclusively recommended by both ZAPP and Juried Art Services, the two established digital jury systems. Larry Berman is NOT part of the Paragon staff.

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