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Art Bermano

BERMANO Statement…    ‘I Made you smile’                        ‘This Art makes me so happy’ These are the mighty words that most people say when they see my paintings and that makes me feel happy. Since a young age, I have been in awe of the beauty of this World. I would gaze at everything from an orange to an elephant and was astonished at the beauty of it all. I passionately tried to tell people about the beauty I was seeing by using my spoken words. Art is my meditation. When I paint my Soul shines bright and my mind becomes silent. My paintings are an expression of the beauty of the world that I feel inside, without the use of words. The intention of my art strives to stop the viewer in their tracks and realize just for even a moment how beautiful everything is. My art’s purpose is to make people notice the magic in all things and to make people feel happy. I am an abstract impressionist artist. Painting is my true speech. I am self taught and the gift came to me in a miraculous episode. I live to paint and I love to paint and I am grateful! My art Journey has allowed me to Paint for Pope Francis and Nelson Mandela and my art has raised over $300000 for different NGO’s. I hope you choose to color your life and your home with a Bermano piece of art.

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