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Francisco Mercado Jr

“I love finding Beauty in the Myths of Chaos.” As an Abstract Artist use of Mix Media of Acrylics, Pastels, Spray Paint, Heavy and Deep Textures and much more to create each masterpiece. My Abstract Art stands as an enigmatic and captivating vision, weaving emotions, and ideas into a mesmerizing dance of color, form, and texture. With an innate ability to transcend the confines of the tangible (at times broken) world. I dare to challenge conventional perceptions, inviting viewers into a realm where imagination takes flight. Each brushstroke and technique becomes a bold dialogue between my soul and the canvas, a symphony of emotions that evoke introspection and connection. Through the interplay of bold gestures and subtle nuances. I love to reshape reality, prompting every viewer to explore the depths of their own thoughts and feelings. In this realm of boundless creativity, my work becomes a mirror, reflecting both the profound chaos and the exquisite beauty that defines the human experience. Art is a powerful medium for connecting with people on an emotional level. When individuals resonate with my work and wants it to be a part of their lives, it’s a testament to the impact and resonance of my art. My passion is to keep exploring and pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression. Art is a true source of fulfillment and connection for me and those who appreciate my work. Thank you with all my heart for allowing My Artwork, My Passion, My love to be a part of your world.

Sunset Revolution

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