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Katherine Kaya

I am a self-taught modern art jeweler who took a single jewelry class many years ago. It brought out a creative passion in me I did not know I had and motivated me to become a jeweler. I am drawn to anything that is modern with clean lines and geometric shapes. Throw in a few industrial elements and my absolute love of color and this is where the inspiration for my jewelry comes from. I personally perform all of the creative aspects involved in my work, from the first design to the final finishing touches using a variety of hand-fabricating techniques. Sterling Silver is my metal of choice because of the cool and modern feel the color has. I like to texture, polish, and oxidize it and embellish the silver with small details in gold for contrast. All of my pieces have gemstones…vibrant colors as well as natural surface stones. At the end of the day, seeing a client walk away with excitement in their eyes and a smile on their face because of a piece of jewelry I have created by hand is why I love what I do.

Asymmetrical Ea

Visit Katherine Kaya on February 24th - 25th at the Sarasota Festival of the Arts™!

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