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Peggy Roberts Frond Artist

Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse. — J.R.D. Tata

Whether an uncommon thinker or just a seeker of uncommon art materials, Frond Artist Peggy Roberts transforms Florida’s very common cast-offs into whimsical creatures.

Peggy repurposes most parts of palm trees – from palm fronds and seed pods to their leaves and sawdust, metamorphosing them with a scroll saw and acrylic paints, and adding eyelashes, manes, and other features also from palm tree parts.

Hailing from Bradenton, Florida, Peggy continues to be influenced by the area’s many and varied palm trees and to be inspired by the opportunity to excite others about her repurposed artwork.

Please visit Peggy’s website,, and her Facebook and Instagram pages: @FrondArtist.

Visit Peggy Roberts Frond Artist on November 18th - 19th at the Sarasota Fall Fine Art Festival™!

Visit Peggy Roberts Frond Artist on February 24th - 25th at the Sarasota Festival of the Arts™!

Visit Peggy Roberts Frond Artist on December 2nd - 3rd at the Lakewood Ranch Holiday of the Arts!

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