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Dyer Davis Band

Dyer Davis is an American singer / guitarist, who is currently working on his debut album for WildRoots Records. He’s spent the last 8 years of his young life as a rock artist, recently departing from the band Rubber Soul Child. Now at 22, he has returned to the music that first inspired him to become a musician. As a child his father also, a musician, turned him on to the music of the 60’s and 70’s. The artists that spoke to him the most were the blues-based rockers, especially the early Jeff Beck records featuring Rod Stewart. This instilled in him the importance of the blues as the key foundation of the music he was drawn to.

“Every song here exudes magic, untouchable feeling of someone who is about to become huge. Davis has the skills, maturity, and artistry of players twice his age and stands out as an individual, even in a crowded playing field. Dog Bites Back is one of the strongest debut albums to come down in quite some time. Dyer Davis gives every indication of being on a trajectory to become one of the dominant artists in contemporary blues. Remember: you heard it here first.”

– Rock & Blues Muse Review – By Mike O’Cull

Dyer Davis Band
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