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Rayne Marie

A Symphony of Rock, Country, Jazz, and Soul

We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Rayne Marie will grace our festival stage, bringing her unique blend of rock, country, jazz, and soulful music to life. With her roots deeply planted in the rich soil of classical training, Rayne’s performances are a testament to her versatility and passion for all types of music.

Originally hailing from Arizona, Rayne has called Florida her home since 2014, captivating audiences across the state with her dynamic performances. After years of enchanting the Greater Jacksonville area with her band, she now shines on the West Coast of Florida, continuing to leave her musical mark.

Rayne’s recent endeavors include the release of her first cover album and the exciting development of a fresh, new live performance duet act. Her dedication to her craft and her fans is evident in every note she plays.

Join us in welcoming Rayne Marie to our festival lineup. Prepare to be moved by her passionate performances and support her journey as she brings her latest projects to our stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the heart and soul of music with Rayne Marie.

Rayne Marie
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