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Genre: psychedelic

Moonstone Riders

Come join Moonstone Riders on a rock n roll journey to a world of swampy psychedelic country funk!

The Moonstone Riders are a jam band from Naples, Florida, known for their eclectic mix of rock, funk, blues, and country.  The band features Matt Benfield on guitar and vocals, Marica Winslow on vocals and percussion, Matt Baxley on keyboardist and vocals, Jeffrey James on bass and vocals, and Frank Lewis on drums.

The band is known for their energetic live shows, which often feature extended improvisational jams. The band is building a large and dedicated following, who are drawn to their unique sound and their ability to connect with audiences on a personal level.

Inspired by the music of Grateful Dead and Phish alongside old school funk bands from the 60s and 70s, among many others, Moonstone Riders produce an energy and vibe that contains sounds from the past and elements of the future that gives birth to something that is inventive and intuitive.

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