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Genre: Soul

Rayne Marie

A Symphony of Rock, Country, Jazz, and Soul

We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Rayne Marie will grace our festival stage, bringing her unique blend of rock, country, jazz, and soulful music to life. With her roots deeply planted in the rich soil of classical training, Rayne’s performances are a testament to her versatility and passion for all types of music.

Originally hailing from Arizona, Rayne has called Florida her home since 2014, captivating audiences across the state with her dynamic performances. After years of enchanting the Greater Jacksonville area with her band, she now shines on the West Coast of Florida, continuing to leave her musical mark.

Rayne’s recent endeavors include the release of her first cover album and the exciting development of a fresh, new live performance duet act. Her dedication to her craft and her fans is evident in every note she plays.

Join us in welcoming Rayne Marie to our festival lineup. Prepare to be moved by her passionate performances and support her journey as she brings her latest projects to our stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the heart and soul of music with Rayne Marie.

Deb & The Dynamics



Electric Soul Therapy

Electric Soul Therapy is a band based out of the Tampa Bay/Saint Petersburg area of Florida. Influences range from Chris Stapleton to Black Pumas. From Gray Clark Jr to Anthony Hamilton. From Journey to Foo Fighters with a twist of 311 and James Brown.

YaYa Diamond & The Dream Chasers

With a stellar mix of passionate R&B songs, Soul flavored tunes and funky dance rhythms, her growing set builds on her talents and establishes her transcendent vocal skills and a storytelling mastery that effortlessly stirs and uplifts emotions.Yaya Diamond is constantly expanding and evolving her craft as she records new material and collaborates with hot new producers…all the while working her way towards completely honoring her immense musical legacy! 

Undr8ed Band

Original hip hop, funk, reggae, rock, jazz, R&B and soul best describe Undr8ed Band.

CeCe Teneal & Soul Kamotion

CeCe performs with her same band, Soul Kamotion, and after 20 years, their belief is that “5 people or 5,000…everyone gets the same show.” By effortlessly blending invigorating melodies with soothing sounds, she provides an incredible musical experience that transcends cultural and generational barriers.  They released live album in 2018, which is a testament to that view. CeCe says that is why her longevity as an artist is sure to stand the test of time.

Dockta D & The Powers That B

Dockta D and the Powers That Be is a group of well-seasoned, dynamic, top-notch musicians who will lay you low with the blues, roll you over with rock, swing you to the moon and back and funk you up with groovy beats, all while opening up your aching heart with a soulfulness that permeates each note from their expertly played instruments. Bringing solid mind-blowing harmonica-driven blues-rock originals along with well-loved classics from rock, swing, blues, funk, boogie-woogie and soul, adapted to their own style, and with influences ranging diversely from Paul Butterfield to Lee Oskar, J. Geils to ZZ Top, Buddy Guy to Robin Trower, Johnny Winter to Lynard Skynard and the Stones to the Beatles, there is no jam that this band can’t handle.

Annika Chambers Deslauriers & Paul Deslauriers

2019 SOUL BLUES FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR ANNIKA CHAMBERS~~~The dynamic monster vocalist from Houston Texas along with a host of talented musicians continue to shock and amaze many blues lovers who have the opportunity to hear their music. With a variety of soulful, heartwarming and ground stomping tunes, Miss Chambers is sure to rise above and beyond your expectations. 

The beautiful and talented Annika Chambers hails from Houston, Texas. And, like many of the great soulful singers of the past, she started singing in church at a young age. She always wanted to sing, but her dreams of enlisting in the Army and attaining a degree in radio and TV broadcasting took her in that direction. However, that path would start her on her musical journey. While serving in Kosovo, her first deployment, Annika entered a talent contest on base and sang lead in a song. Right after the competition, a guitar player approached her and introduced her to the blues. She’s been in love with the Blues ever since. Annika describes her style as a little bit of Aretha, Etta, Koko and Shemekia and includes as influences – Otis Redding, Shemekia Copeland, Joan Osborne, Robbin Ford, Adele, Etta James, Eryka Badu, Bobby Blue Bland & James Brown

Since completing her 7 1/2 year term with the US Army, Annika has been blazing the Houston blues music scene. With her self-motivated career taking the city by storm, Annika has had the opportunity to work with many of the well-known talents in the area such as Brad Absher, Paul Ramirez, The Mighty Orq, and many others. In the fall of 2012, Annika along with The House Rules Band entered the International Blues Competition. Although they did not proceed past the final round, she has had numerous opportunities to showcase her talent. After the city-wide competition, Annika took advantage of an opportunity to create a demo CD with Larry Fulcher of the Phantom Blues Band and Richard Cagle, both of whom were judges for the IBC Competition. To everyone’s surprise, this has turned into what will be a professionally produced album from Cagle’s ‘Montrose Studios’. The album “Making My Mark” features numerous Grammy Award winning musicians and artist who graciously offered their time and patience to make this project a success. With the album still in the works, Annika has gained a large amount of publicity, allowing her to host a listening party with most of the musicians from the album, prior to the album release for purchase. There is nothing that can prepare the world for the debut of Annika Chambers’ “Making My Mark”, so take a moment and enjoy the Annika Chambers experience and make sure you do what she says when she says…”Shake it for Me”.

Magnolia Boulevard

“When we’re onstage we play with a lot of emotion.” Noelle says.  “And then we feed off the crowd’s emotional reaction to us and we git it right back to them.”

Central to the Magnolia Boulevard experience is a sound that flows easily and seamlessly from a multitude of stylistic tributaries.  There’s plenty of blues, soul and rock ’n roll in the mix, but also elements of funk, jam band, folk, country, bluegrass and psychedelia.  It’s all fueled by the rhythm section’s elastic grooves. shot through with Erwin’s expressive and incisive slide guitar licks and topped by Noelle’s soul-stirring, powerhouse vocals.

“I think it was Gregg Allman who once said, ‘If there’s 10,000 people in the audience and they have one-and-a-half problems each, that’s 15,000 problems out there,” says Erwin. “So if you can put your heart into something and get onstage and help the audience forget about those problems for a couple of hours, then, you know, your job’s done. That’s the greatest satisfaction one can achieve, I believe.”

Twinkle & Rock Soul Radio

Twinkle has devoted her life to music. She was signed to Warner Brothers for her debut album “Haunted By Real Life” and it gained attention on the jazz / pop charts with the title song. She has a music video titled “Can’t Get Love With Money” that was featured on VH1. Also, her sensual song “Garden of Love,” accompanied a love scene on the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” Warner/Reprise records featured her on the cover of Billboard Magazine.

Twinkle is an accomplished career musician and songwriter, well versed in any genre, she is a critically acclaimed and authentic Rock Soul and Blues singer. This sun kissed Florida beach beauty is the total package! Twinkle is a feast for the eyes, ears, heart and soul …

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