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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The following conditions are for the website and social media presence of Paragon Festivals, Paragon Art Events and Paragon Art Festivals (hereafter referred to as “Paragon”)

Disclaimer on Limitation of Use of Site
Use of the Paragon websites and Paragon social media sites is based on your acceptance of and compliance with our Terms. These Terms are applicable to and binding of all that use or reference our sites.

Limitation of Liability
Paragon, its employees, partners, consultants, artisans, musicians, vendors or sponsors that support or participate in Paragon events are not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental damages be they special, consequential or punitive. Use of any information on the Paragon website or Paragon Facebook site is never authorized without written permission from Paragon as all content provided on the website and Facebook is done so by Paragon or authorized agents of Paragon.

Personal Information Disclaimer
Personal information may be collected from visitors to the Paragon websites and social media platforms. This information is used only by Paragon to communicate to event followers and attendeesinformation on upcoming events produced by Paragon. The information is retained by Paragon; it is never sold, given, loaned, rented or in any way provided to another entity. General demographic information of visitors to our websites or social media platforms, not linked to any personal identification information, may be shared with our business partners, trusted media sources and advertisers purely for purposes of event promotion.

Copyright and Trademark Notice
All imagery presented on the Paragon websites and social media sites is either the property of Paragon as created by itself or consultants or are images copyrighted by the artisans that have given Paragon and only Paragon unrestricted permission for use in event promotion of specific events participated in by the artisans, bands, musicians, hosts and sponsors of each Paragon event. All trademark and copyright is retained by the creators of those images, graphic pieces or sound tracks.

Incorrect event information
Paragon strives to ensure all information presented on its websites and social media platforms is accurate as to such information as dates, times, location, participants, hosts and sponsors. Any communication of incorrect information is completely inadvertent and unintentional.

Cancellation of events
All Paragon events are created, planned and initiated far in advance of the actual event dates. Each event involves permitting by various state and local agencies, contractual agreements with musicians, artisans and vendors, corporate sponsors and event sponsors and hosts. Also promotion through media sources (e.g., local and regional TV, radio and print sources), social media and more. Paragon proceeds with all events with the full knowledge and confidence they will be held through the scheduled event dates. However, unforeseen conditions may arise. These unforeseen conditions, often referred to as “Acts of God” include but are not limited to: severe weather, malfunction of public utilities, civil unrest and biological outbreaks or pandemics. Such major event-impacting occurrences are completely outside the control of Paragon and as such, Paragon assumes no responsibility or liability for such impacts on the events except to communicate to the best of its ability the pending impacts of such occurrences on the event and the decisions made regarding continuance or termination of the event. This communication being to all those associated with the event and all attendees both present or intending to come to the event through.

Typographical Errors
Paragon strives to ensure all event information is correct and up-to-date on the websites, social media platforms and in all information printed (e.g., posters, postcards) and communicated to media sources (e.g., press releases and event postings). Such information typically receives multiple internal edits by staff. Any typographical errors are completely unintended and accidental.

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